Laing+Simmons Seven Hills

Keeping the needs of our clients first

Laing+Simmons Seven Hills comes forward with an idea and an effort to serve and lead as an real estate agency for buying, selling and leasing in the west.

The Laing+Simmons Seven Hills team is led by a very experienced principal Sahil Sapra who has got a passion and a commitment to help and serve his clients with the best of his abilities. At our office we practise the mantra of ‘Keeping the needs of our clients first’.

Staff at our office is energetic, target oriented , honest and well trained to keep up with the needs and expectations of our clients. The close knit team is extremely proud of it knowledge about the local areas and providing  beyond the expected results.

Our Office is located at the corner of Best road and Prospect Highway, with ample parking at the rear.

Laing+Simmons Seven Hills office thank all of our clients for being a part of us.